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I’ll be the first to admit it - I love the attention I receive at business golf outings and charity golf tournaments. No - this is not a sexual reference. I love the respect I receive from male business associates and men in general when they encounter me on the golf course. There... Read More


Do you travel often? Traveling, whether it is for business or pleasure this is no reason to skip a workout. Most hotels, resorts, or cruise ships are equipped with an exercise room; some even have on staff personal trainers. You can also pack light resistance bands that fit... Read More


One of the great things about golf is that we have no control over the environment and it’s never the same. Other sports are played pretty much on the same field or court from place to place.


The wind is one of these factors we have to pay attention to every... Read More


Everyone has those shots where they know it’s just not going to well. For many golfers the fairway bunker shot fits this description.


The fairway bunker provides the ultimate test of your ball striking skills. There is no forgiveness. Hit slightly behind the... Read More


It is no secret that people like doing business with people they know, and one of the best places for getting to know someone is a golf course. But, if you think large business deals or sales are made on a golf course, think again. More commonly, a golf outing is a catalyst for... Read More


We make mistakes in business, and we have bad golf holes. And, it is how we overcome this adversity that makes us better business men and women.

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A common apprehension among women is not knowing what to wear on the golf course. Unlike their male counterparts, women’s golf clothes do not mirror business casual attire. Therefore, a woman must know what golfing attire consists of and where to find it before heading onto the... Read More

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