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Everyone has those shots where they know it’s just not going to well. For many golfers the fairway bunker shot fits this description.


The fairway bunker provides the ultimate test of your ball striking skills. There is no forgiveness. Hit slightly behind the... Read More


It is no secret that people like doing business with people they know, and one of the best places for getting to know someone is a golf course. But, if you think large business deals or sales are made on a golf course, think again. More commonly, a golf outing is a catalyst for... Read More


We make mistakes in business, and we have bad golf holes. And, it is how we overcome this adversity that makes us better business men and women.

Read More


A common apprehension among women is not knowing what to wear on the golf course. Unlike their male counterparts, women’s golf clothes do not mirror business casual attire. Therefore, a woman must know what golfing attire consists of and where to find it before heading onto the... Read More


In life and business we need to be prepared to succeed. We don’t go into a presentation without practicing or a meeting without brushing up on talking points, so why would we go out onto the golf course without that same preparation? We wouldn’t, and that is why I prepared these 5... Read More


To maximize your golf performance, the golf athlete needs to do a variety of different exercises and workouts to build and fitness.


There are seven physical performance factors that are crucial to every golf-conditioning program: posture, balance, mobility,... Read More


The most overused and misunderstood word in fitness and now in golf could easily be the “core”. What is the core exactly? Is it a muscle? Is it a group of muscles? How does it help in the golf swing? It is thrown around so loosely that it can be confusing to most. Ask 10 different... Read More


I am often asked what I do for a living and when I tell them Golf Fitness the next question is “oh what is that”?


So, here it is in a nutshell. I could probably write a 500 page book about it, but here I’m going to do it in as few words as possible and in terms... Read More

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