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AGC Challenge-Masters

AGC Challenge-Masters
Event Date(s):Saturday Apr 19th, 2014 1:00 pm
Course:Trophy Club of Atlanta
Address:15135 Hopewell Road Alpharetta, GA 30004
Host:Rob Pritts
Max Attendance:Unlimited


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This event is over

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Who Was There

E.W. Carter
Mar. 16th 10:43 AM
Rob Pritts
Mar. 16th 10:53 AM
Allan Levin
Mar. 28th 1:53 PM
Mike Liebel
Mar. 31st 8:01 AM
Jerry Deems
Mar. 31st 10:30 AM
Apr. 1st 1:03 PM
Jeff Lacy
Apr. 2nd 3:38 AM
Rick Morris
Apr. 3rd 1:46 PM
Murray Newmark
Apr. 6th 2:14 PM
Harry Baldwin
Apr. 13th 5:18 AM
John Peeples
Apr. 15th 6:33 AM
Apr. 15th 11:50 AM
Gary Barth
Apr. 15th 11:59 AM
iain voller
Apr. 15th 12:15 PM
John Stumpfig
Apr. 15th 12:37 PM
Manny Rodriguez
Apr. 15th 2:01 PM
John Bailie
Apr. 15th 3:11 PM
Ryan Borger
Apr. 15th 3:56 PM
alan mabry
Apr. 15th 6:15 PM
kenneth heidelberger
Apr. 16th 9:52 AM
Patrick Fitzgerald
Apr. 16th 10:02 AM
garrett gerstung
Apr. 16th 10:21 AM
raymond hable
Apr. 16th 2:12 PM
John McCloskey
Apr. 16th 3:06 PM
Franklin Lockett
Apr. 16th 8:48 PM
John Bates
Apr. 17th 1:13 PM
Dan Lyndgaard
Apr. 17th 5:47 PM

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