Suggested Groups

PLGA - Bethlehem Steel
16 Members
Club, Recreationally, Club or League
Be the right club!
16 Members
Men, Recreationally, Intermediate, Weekends, Social
The Vineyard Ladies Day
14 Members
Beginner, Recreationally, Weekdays, Club or League, Intermediate, Women, Advanced
NYC Golfers
12 Members
Beginner, Men, Recreationally, Intermediate, Weekends, Women, Social
The Players Club @ Buffalo Creek
1 Member
Beginner, Men, Recreationally, Club or League, Intermediate, Women, Seniors, Juniors, Singles, Couples
Golf not football
14 Members
Just for Fun, Recreationally, Club or League
9 Members
Men, Recreationally, Weekdays, Intermediate, Weekends, Morning, Afternoon, Social, Twilight
The Players Club @ Tilden Park
1 Member
Beginner, Competitively, Men, Recreationally, Weekdays, Club or League, Intermediate, Weekends, Women, Advanced, Morning, Seniors, Afternoon, Juniors, Singles, Twilight, Couples
9 Members
Men, Recreationally, Weekends, Advanced, Social

Golf Groups Information

GOLFZING recently gave its Golf Groups page a makeover and the new, improved GOLFZING Groups offers members a whole new world of features. Customizable group webpages give you more access and control of your group so you can stay better connected and informed with what's happening in your local golfing community. Build your own page with a unique URL for every group you create.


It's easy to set up a tournament or local golfing league! Organize group communications so you can chat with friends and group members easily, coordinate RSVPs, and quickly send group updates – all from within your golf group's page. More customizable options include the ability to quickly create a list of your favorite golfing buddies so you can stay in touch. Book tee times directly at your favorite courses from within your group page and keep your designated group discount from the golf course. You can also organize a fantasy golf league and play for bragging rights with your friends while still being eligible for the fantasy golf prizes. It's all possible with the new GOLFZING Groups!


The best part is: it's simple, fun, and free to all GOLFZING members! And coming soon, you'll be able to manage the online collection of payments to a tournament or event, sell sponsorships via your page to raise additional funds, and register players online. Create your own group or join one of our editor's picks: The Fiver; the Long Beach Scramble Series; and Get Fit Golf.

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