Azucena Maldonado -

Founded the Latina Golfers Association (LGA)

Azucena Maldonado is a woman with a mission. A mission to introduce women of all ages to the game of golf for their professional development, personal enjoyment and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Maldonado founded the Latina Golfers Association (LGA) and has introduced over 1000 women to golf via the LGA’s golf clinics, lessons and golf outings. Maldonado has made an impact in growing the game of golf and has been interviewed by Golf Digest Magazine and featured in Golf Business, SCGA’s FORE Magazine and the PGA’s online magazine. The LGA’s headquarters are in Southern California and has conducted golf events for women in Texas, Florida, Atlanta and New York.


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I’ll be the first to admit it - I love the attention I receive at business golf outings and charity golf tournaments. No - this is not a sexual reference. I love the respect I receive from male business associates and men in general when they encounter me on the golf course. There... Read More

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