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A regular contributor to our blog, Tyler enjoys writing about topics such as equipment, the PGA Tour, and tips to help golfers with their games. A native of Los Angeles, CA he began playing golf at the age of 12 at Los Verdes Golf Course, where he still plays regularly and considers his home course.

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Posted 10/28/2013 by Tyler Pringle

There are certain tricks of the trade that come with experience, and golf is no exception- but we didn’t think it was fair to hold out on all the secrets. We want you to play better and make your equipment last longer, so we compiled a few... Read More

Posted 9/30/2013 by Tyler Pringle

The legend of John Daly continues to grow. On a late evening  outside a pizza place somewhere in downtown Nashville, Long John showed yet again that he is a man of... Read More

Posted 9/04/2013 by Tyler Pringle

The boys over at Dude Perfect are back at it again, and this time they're taking their talent to the golf course. Watch their hilarious take on the different types of golfers, and be sure to let us know which type of golfer fits you in the comments... Read More

Posted 4/18/2013 by Tyler Pringle

These ain't your grandfather's balls. Advances in modern technologies have enhanced the playability and forgiveness of the golf ball, allowing it to travel further and straighter while cutting through the wind like a samurai sword and biting on the green like a rattlesnake.


... Read More

Posted 4/12/2013 by Tyler Pringle

The American Golf blog created a great infographic highlighting some of the best Masters history and stats.


... Read More

Posted 4/12/2013 by Tyler Pringle

Golf can be an expensive game. Avid golfers spend a fortune playing, practicing and improving at the sport they love. A golf vacation can cost thousands of... Read More

Posted 4/12/2013 by Tyler Pringle

Professional athletes’ earnings have soared over the last 20 years.  An average player on the PGA Tour can make a very... Read More

Posted 4/12/2013 by Tyler Pringle

Are you a trendsetter in golf fashion? Then you will enjoy this look back on the changing styles of golf clothing through the decades. Widely thought to feature the most notable and colorful fashion styles, golf... Read More

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