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You’ve probably seen this guy on the practice green. He’s practicing his chipping and has 10-20 balls around the same hole. The more balls he hits the more the balls keep piling up.


Now on the one hand, it’s good that he is practicing his short game. But on the... Read More


We all know that golf is the toughest game around. We’re expected to hit a 1.68” ball into a 4.25” hole in 4 strokes from 450 yards. Add in the fact that any given hole is riddled with obstacles along the way and it should be clear that this wasn’t designed to be easy.

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You watch plenty of golf on TV. I’m sure you’ve seen and been amazed by players like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods hitting those full swing, open face, super high flop shots. They look awesome and the results are usually amazing for those guys.


Now let’s think... Read More


If you asked 10 golfers what they would love to add to their game, 8 would say “add a few yards to my drive”. The other 2 (the smart ones) would ask for a better short game. These 2 guys would probably beat you, but that’s neither here nor there.


It’s fun to... Read More


It looks so easy right? You see a pro playing golf on TV and he hops in the sand, takes an effortless swing, and hits his bunker shot 2 feet from the hole. You think to yourself “I should be able to do that”.


You then proceed to step in the sand, take a violent... Read More


A common question among golfers looking to improve is “how should I practice”. It’s a great question that most players get wrong. The typical golfer goes to the range and hits shot after shot without great results. It’s not very efficient or effective. 


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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You hit a great drive down the middle of the fairway and nice approach shot just off the edge of the green. You then proceed to miss hit the chip and leave yourself a 10 footer for par that you miss.


Meanwhile your buddy hits it... Read More


So you’re driving your ball in the fairway, hitting greens, and playing solid golf, but your scores still aren’t where you want them. What gives? Maybe look at the 2 missed 4 footers, the 3 putt from 30 feet, and the fact that the longest putt you made all day was 6 feet. A few... Read More

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