15 Things Every Golfer Loves (As Told By GIFs)

Golf is not a hobby for the uncommitted. It takes time, money, dedication, and no small amount of patience. Even if you do really well, often the only proof you have of your amazing game is an easily forged score card that’s not going to impress anyone. So, why do we do it? Well, the answer is simple: because we love it. Of course, there are some aspects that we love more than others. Here are 15 things that every golfer loves.

1. Finding a better ball.


Golf is like the little “give a penny, take a penny” jar next to the register at your local convenience store. If you lose a ball, don’t worry, you’ll find another one at some point. Of course, sometimes you luck out, and the ball you find is much higher quality than the one you lost. And the best part is, once you lose that ball as well, you’re setting up a chance for someone else to find it and enjoy the never-ending cycle of ball-trading. Pay it forward, brother.

2. Perfect weather


There are few things worse than finally making it out to the course only to get hit by a bolt of lightning as storm clouds rush in to ruin your game. Thus, when everything aligns to give you that one perfectly sunny day, it just doesn’t get any better.

3. Not getting slowed down by a bad shot.


Ouch. You hit it directly into a sand trap. Then, as you chip it out, it hops right down the hole like a white rabbit being chased by Alice. Just pretend it was all part of the plan.

4. Playing on an empty course.



Unlike most other sports, golf is something that you can enjoy while totally alone. Playing on an empty course provides all the relaxation you could want without having to worry about getting your brains knocked out by a stray ball or having to rush your drive while the next group crowds in behind you. Just don’t get too comfortable; alone or not, golfing naked is considered a breach of etiquette.

5. Reaching the green on your first shot.


If you can make it to the green, then all of the other hazards and annoyances are just noise. After all, putting it in shouldn’t be a problem, right?

6. Making the impossible putt.


Well, sometimes putting can be a little difficult. Don’t let that stop you, however, because if you can top off that amazing drive with the perfect putt, then we have nothing else to teach you.

7. Finding a ball you thought you’d lost.


Sometimes you just have to give up and move on, but this is not one of those times. You knew that if you searched hard enough, you’d come across your lost golf ball. Let’s just hope that you don’t have to play it where it lies...

8. New Golf Tech.




Golf, unlike other sports, lends itself well to the inclusion of new gadgets. So, load up some apps, buy a transforming club, and let supertech do all the heavy lifting.

9. Making a dumb-luck shot.




Sometimes it’s all skill. On the other hand, sometimes it’s the laws of nature taking pity on you and covering up for your embarrassing failure. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

10. Playing on a new course.


There’s something exciting about stepping onto a new course. It’s like going on a first date or driving a new car. Just try to restrain your delighted squeals while your opponents are teeing off.

11. Playing on a course you know well.


Of course, there’s something to be said for playing on a course that you know like the back of your hand. It’s so peaceful and relaxing that it feels just like coming home (assuming your home is a 200 acre plot of expertly manicured landscape with a clubhouse and pro shop).


12. Narrowly missing the hazards.


Few things are scarier than seeing your ball drop lazily out of the atmosphere right towards the water. But wait, can it be? Yes! The ball ends up perched on the edge of the hazard, hanging on for dear life. Take that Murphy's law.

13. Driving it farther than anyone in your group.




Hey, even if you overshoot the hole, at least you (and everyone else around you) knows that you’ve got some serious power in that drive.

14. Playing with people who respect the game.



The golf course isn’t a frat house. So when you get a chance to play with people who really respect the game, and aren’t just looking for an excuse to get drunk before noon on a weekday, then consider yourself lucky.

15. Golf!


The fresh air, the beautiful scenery—actually, when you get right down to it, what’s not to like about golf? Well, other than the 15 things that every golfer hates, of course.




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