Top 10 Worst Golf Swings

It’s happened to all of us.  You find yourself out on the course for a round of golf with the boys, when your friend busts out his crazy swing.  The funny thing is, that’s his normal swing, too.  That’s the first of many times that you’ll have to look at his unbelievable hack, and you’re now convinced that he has the world’s worst golf swing.  Does he really, though?  After much research and study, I’ve found and nicknamed the world’s top (bottom?) 10 worst golf swings.


10. The Garbizo


Named for the comment made right after the shot, “Good shot, Mr. Garbizo”.  With the weird twist of the wrist and the weird step he takes with his front leg, this was a no brainer for the list.  With a crazy swing and an awesome name, Mr. Garbizo has definitely won a place in our hearts.



9. The Aussie


Ok, first off, the golf expert in the background was talking in his backswing.  You never talk during a backswing, man.  Come on.  Our friend here has a short backswing (regardless of whether or not Greg Norman was talking in the background) and a throws a haymaker that barely makes contact with the ball.  This is a terrible swing, and an obvious choice to make our list.


8. The Gator


I really had like eight different nicknames that I could have used, but I decided to go with “The Gator” because this guy doesn’t extend his arms during his swing.  The shot didn’t look like it was terrible, but his buddies, and all of us, got a good chuckle out of it.  


7. The Chiropractor


I don’t know if this guy is a chiropractor, but he’s going to need one after another swing like that.  There are so many awesome things about this video, I don’t even know where to start.  His crazy backswing and follow through are both fantastic.  He also got really, really under the ball.  You can tell by the way he cranks his head up to find his ball after it’s been hit.  Another underrated factor of this video is who are the creepers who are filming this?  I guess it doesn’t matter, but we all owe whoever recorded it a thank you.


6. The Stretcher


When I first saw this swing, I thought to myself, “He’s not actually going to hit like that, is he?”  Well, he did.  Seeing the way he stretches to make solid contact with the ball is quite impressive.  I’m not sure how he started golfing like this, but it takes a bold man to do so.  Big ups, bro.



5. The Gilmore


It had to be in here, admit it.  As you’ve already seen, people do some weird things to get in the zone.  For Happy, it took Apollo Creed doing a weird dance with him, and a strange hopping approach to the ball.  The shot got all the way to the green, too.  Yes I believe that this actually happened, so what?  


4. The Beast


Did you see that guy wind-up for his shot?  I’m hesitant to call that a “backswing”.  After laughing at him for a bit, his friends realize that it was actually a killer shot and say, “That’s a beast!”. Indeed it is.  


3. The Weir


No, not former Masters champion Mike.  This is Brian Weir.  Brian is a golf enthusiast, who unfortunately has a terrible swing.  This video proves it over and over and over again.  I think that Brian just might have the “Weirest” swing out there.  Poor guy.


2. The Commercial


This swing is awesome, whether or not it’s a commercial.  Knees together, stall in the backswing and the crazy follow through.  His colleagues seemed to like it.  Maybe I should try this one out.


1. The Chuck 


Was there ever any doubt?  With a complete montage of some of his worst swings, Charles Barkley takes the cake.  You’ll never see two swings from Chuck that are the same.  Part of what makes these swings so funny, is that most of them are accompanied by swears and curses.  Charles is a funny man with an even funnier swing.  


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