5 Golf Hacks Players Should Know [Video]

There are certain tricks of the trade that come with experience, and golf is no exception- but we didn’t think it was fair to hold out on all the secrets. We want you to play better and make your equipment last longer, so we compiled a few little tricks seasoned golfers know for your benefit.

Check this video out for some easy ways to deal with small annoyances, both improving your technique and giving more life to your equipment!

1. Improve Your Putting Aim

Putting is hard, and as much as we may consider ourselves to be Tiger Woods in disguise, most of us struggle to improve our technique. Using this cool hack however, you can draw a line around your ball, and line your putt up perfectly.

2. Give Your Irons a Shine

When you love golf, you want to go as much as you can, but after a few years of hard golfing, the wear really starts to show on your clubs. Soak your irons in some Coke overnight, and it will take off all of the dirt and tarnish to give you an almost-new glimmer.

3. Get a Grip

After a while, that new grip feeling disappears from your clubs, and although you want it back, it is expensive to buy a new club, or even a new grip. It can hurt your technique as well. However, you can get your grip back by washing it in a bucket of warm soapy water.

4. No More Broken Tees

Use this nifty technique to save your tees and save your wallet as you prevent broken tees when you drive. All you have to do is insert your tee at an angle before placing it in position, and it will simply fall over when hit, rather than splinter or snap.

5. Improve Your Technique

Draw a spot on your ball with a dry erase pen before taking a shot. You will then be able to look at your driver face and see if you are striking the ball right.

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