I Didn’t Know This Shot Was Possible!


Are you better at chipping than pitching? Do you struggle with pitch shots? If you're great at chipping, there is still hope. Introducing the Pitch Chip. You can use chipping technique with pitching golf clubs to bring the ball a little bit higher and land it soft. You can even put a spin to it.


Here's how to do the pitch chip in three easy steps:


1) Select a pitching wedge and setup to the ball exactly like how you would to chip it.



2) Using your chipping technique, swing the club back and through impact.



3) Watch as the ball comes in higher, softer, and with some spin on it.




To see the video, go to http://beginbettergolf.com/the-pitch-chip/ at Begin Better Golf web site.

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Author: Shawn Humphries - www.beginbettergolf.com

Ranked by GOLF Magazine as one of the Top 100 Golf Teachers in America, Shawn Humphries was the former Director of Instruction at the Byron Nelson Golf School. He worked with Iron Byron himself before establishing his own Shawn Humphries Golf Performance training schools and programs.

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