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Golf can be an expensive game. Avid golfers spend a fortune playing, practicing and improving at the sport they love. A golf vacation can cost thousands of dollars while a round of golf can set you back a couple hundred dollars.  A standard set of golf clubs can cost over a thousand dollars while a dozen balls might run as much as $50.  In fact, according to a study conducted by Golf Magazine the average golfer spends $2,776 per year on golf.

Many people enjoy the game, however, the cost to play continues to rise.  There is good news for those looking to play on a budget.  You don’t have to sacrifice the quality or quantity of your golfing if you know where to find the best deals.  If you would like to keep playing frequently learn where to find the best deals to purchase your equipment and where to play your golf.


Improvement in technology allows you to hit the ball farther and straighter.  Companies typically release at least one new line of clubs each year.  The cost of new clubs, balls, shoes and accessories adds up quickly.  To save a few dollars on equipment search the previous season’s equipment.  Previous year’s models will have a significant price reduction to make room for the latest and greatest technology.  For example, a driver from a pervious season often drops from $299 to $199 or less to make room for the new line of drivers.  Also, search the internet for inexpensive deals.  Used equipment in good condition is a feasible way to save money on more expensive products.  Websites such as ebay provide golfers the ability to purchase new and used equipment at a less expensive price.

Where to Play

The golf travel industry produces over $25 billion each year.  With a little research you can find a less expensive golf vacation.  In addition, search for a trip out of peak season for only a fraction of the original cost.  A trip to Myrtle Beach in March and April is much less than the warmer months.  On the other hand, you can save a substantial amount on a Florida golf trip in the warmer months.  Talk to your local PGA Professional, they routinely get vacation packages to offer to their membership and guests.   There is also an opportunity to save money on your green fees.  Some courses offer a reduced rate if you purchase a bulk package of rounds.

Pay Less for Golf

Weigh the options of joining a club.  Depending on the amount of rounds you play, it may be less expensive to join a club.  Typically as a member you will receive discounts on merchandise and practice range fees are included in membership.  Some facilities offer reward programs based on how often you play.  Many courses offer different rates throughout the day.  Morning tee times are considered peak times, therefore, more expensive.  Tee times later in the day are much less expensive than the morning peak times.  There may even be deals you can find on the internet.  There are now websites that partner up with golf courses that offer reduced rates on tee times.

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