The 5 P's of Golf - Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance


In life and business we need to be prepared to succeed. We don’t go into a presentation without practicing or a meeting without brushing up on talking points, so why would we go out onto the golf course without that same preparation? We wouldn’t, and that is why I prepared these 5 Points for you to use to prepare for your next business golf outing:


1. Research your client. Find out as much about the client and his or her business before walking onto the golf course. This way you can engage the client and ask smart questions regarding their line of work.

2. Be ready to pitch your product or service. You should always be prepared to talk about your business even if the meeting is about your client’s business prospects. Have your 7-second pitch ready and make sure it is tailored to the specific client.

3. Practice your game. It isn't how skilled you are at golf, but the confidence you have when you play that is noticeable to the client. It is easier to feel confident about your game when you get out to the range and practice.

4. Brush up on golf etiquette. Knowing when it is your turn to hit and to steer clear of your client’s putting line leaves more of an impression than your perfect drive!

5. Remember to have fun! Now that you have prepared for the round, remember that the day is about getting to know your client out of the office setting, so relax and enjoy your round of golf!


By following the 5 P’s you can transform a doomed round of golf into a successful business relationship and a better shot at winning more business! 

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