Chip It Close


There is nothing worse than getting around the green on a Par 4 in two shots and then proceeding to get a snowman; you skull the first pitch, chunk the second chip into the back rough, and then proceed to chili-dip the next chip. Let’s stop the pain now with better set-ups and executions with the essential chip shot. In this lesson, I provide key points to solid chip shots around the green. You'll learn:

  • Square set-up with the ball upper middle and weight favoring front leg 
  • Keeping your stroke pendulum-like to prevent overactive hands 
  • Importance of selecting a spot 
  • Plus, more tips to get within that 3-foot circle 

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Author: Christina Ricci of

Christina Ricci is a top-selling golf author set in motion by her unique Golf Survival Guide books. She is a strong advocate for growing the game, educating women on the importance of progressional golf instruction and providing educational tools to learn the game in a fun and approachable manner.


Her unique female perspective and personal journey inspire women of all playing levels to reach their personal golfing goals. Christina believes that the learning process should be fun, approachable and rewarding. In her books, more pars is more fun. Through her books, DVDs, and online programs, over 70,000 women are enjoying more pars and more fun!

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