Golf Fundamentals: Get a Good Grip


Establishing a good grip is the first step to good golf


The grip not only is your connection to the club, it plays a pivotal role in many aspects of the swing, from the takeaway to your finish. I like to take my grip in the air at a 45-degree angle rather than taking my grip from an address position for two reasons:


1. It allows you to precisely place your hands.

2. It allows you to feel the proper grip pressure.





A Weak Grip

An anti-HOOK grip. With a weak grip, both Vs point toward your left {front} shoulder area. This grip will cause an open clubface at impact, which will send your ball right.


A Strong Grip

An anti-slice grip. With a strong grip, both Vs point to an area outside your right {back} shoulder, and the back of your glove is almost entirely visible. This will cause a closed clubface at impact, sending your ball left!


Some players intentionally play a stronger grip to create a draw. A draw rolls out farther once it lands. Plus, a slightly stronger grip does provide women with more power. However, for most shots, a neutral grip works best. Talk to your Golf Professional to learn what grip would work best for you.

A Neutral Grip 

A neutral grip is the recommended grip and the most common, where both Vs created by your grip, point to an area between your right {back} ear and right shoulder. This grip will produce a square face at impact with minimal effort.



With a neutral grip, more pars will certainly be in your future.
Watch this lesson to ensure your grip is in good form!



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