Golf Fundamentals: The Grip


Watch out for these Grip No-Nos!


Unfortunately, it gets some attention, but not enough. I know this because I see it. Instead, I see lots of sloppy grips—where the hands are separated from each other or not positioned correctly on the club. It is critical to ensure that your grip is spot-on to allow for easy hinging and a square face at impact.





A Palm Grab


A common tendency is to place the shaft in the palm of your hand, not your fingers. A palm grab will zap power and make it a real challenge to hinge the club properly.


Mis-Matched Grip


The most common grip culprit is the mis-matched grip where both Vs created by your thumb and index finger point to opposite shoulders…YIKES!


Loose Connection


At the top of your backswing watch out for daylight with your glove hand. Create a firm connection with this hand on the shaft. Make sure yours are in sync, as one unit.


Daylight with the Glove Hand


At the top of your backswing watch out for daylight with your glove hand. Create a firm connection with this hand on the shaft.



Instead, we need our Vs of both hands to match. A synced grip, where both Vs point to an area between your back ear and shoulder will give you the best chance to square the face at impact with the least amount of effort…WooHoo! With a neutral grip, more pars will certainly be in your future.


Christina Ricci with Barry Goldstein


In this lesson, top Golf Professional Barry Goldstein shares with Christina his pro-wisdom on grip connect options and what he believes works well for women. Barry has his golf academy at Inverrary Country Club in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


To contact Barry Goldstein, email, or call 954-796-7506. Your game will thank you!



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