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So you want to play better golf. We all do but despite the practice and hard work it doesn’t seem to work that easy. What gives?

The problem most golfers have is they don’t know how to improve. This has nothing to do with the mechanics of the golf swing. It has to with... Read More


How many times do you have a 3 foot putt and pick it up or knock it away from the hole? Be honest, it’s probably often. Then when your buddies make you putt one because it’s worth a few bucks it probably doesn’t go so well.

The reality is that you’re not as good at 3 footers... Read More


If you are looking for more stability in your body during the golf swing, which will lead to more consistency, then look no further than your glute muscle. Where are your glutes? They are the large muscle group that is known to most as the butt cheeks.


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In this lesson, I provide key points for good posture on the green. One key point is creating a lowercase Y for good posture at address... Read More


In this lesson, I walk you through a wedge approach shot and chat about the importance of knowing your distances from 50 yards and in.... Read More


Are you better at chipping than pitching? Do you struggle with pitch shots? If you're great at chipping, there is still hope. Introducing the Pitch Chip. You can use chipping technique with pitching golf clubs to bring the ball a little bit higher and land it soft. You can even put... Read More


Golfers are not consistent in how they approach shots on the course. Many golfers don’t go through a proper mental routine before they hit a shot. The easiest way to make the proper decisions on the golf course is to go through a 4 step routine to guarantee that you are focused.

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Picture this: Two guys decide to play a round of golf. One does not have any golf clothes or equipment, so he and his buddy stop by the pro shop before their round. The guy buys a golf shirt, some pants, a pair of shoes, a hat, golf glove, balls and tees. He rents some clubs, but... Read More


One of the guys in my foursome made a hole-in-one on the fourth hole at gorgeous Monarch Bay during a round with my former work buddies. But that’s not why I realized -- after weeks of playing recreational golf mostly with women – that there are things I like better about playing... Read More

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