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As golfers we are always in search of the newest, shiniest, and best new stuff. This goes for golf clubs, golf courses, and unfortunately for many golfers, swing thoughts.


We’re just starting to see what technology can do for the golf swing. There are many new... Read More


Watch out for these Grip No-Nos!


Unfortunately, it gets some attention, but not enough. I know this because I see it. Instead, I see lots of sloppy grips—where the hands are separated from each other or not positioned correctly on the club. It... Read More


Establishing a good grip is the first step to good golf


The grip not only is your connection to the club, it plays a pivotal role in many aspects of the swing, from the takeaway to your finish. I like to... Read More


It’s always cool to hit a wedge shot and see it check up on the green. There’s just something about seeing that ball react that peaks our interest. Maybe it comes from watching professional golf and seeing the pro’s do it on a regular basis. It makes us feel like them!

... Read More


Golf is a complicated game. Not only do you need a good swing, you have to account for the elements, topography, grass, and you have to pick the right club. Sounds complicated!


Around the greens can be even trickier from the club selection standpoint. There are... Read More


Does this sound familiar? After 2 good shots on a par 5 you’re close to the green and looking good to make birdie. You then proceed to chunk your next shot and make bogey. So frustrating!


It’s easy to have your golf game undone by poor shots around the green... Read More


You’ve probably seen this guy on the practice green. He’s practicing his chipping and has 10-20 balls around the same hole. The more balls he hits the more the balls keep piling up.


Now on the one hand, it’s good that he is practicing his short game. But on the... Read More


We all know that golf is the toughest game around. We’re expected to hit a 1.68” ball into a 4.25” hole in 4 strokes from 450 yards. Add in the fact that any given hole is riddled with obstacles along the way and it should be clear that this wasn’t designed to be easy.

... Read More

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