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Posted 9/18/2013 by Phil Oscarson

Golf is not a hobby for the uncommitted. It takes time, money, dedication, and no small amount of patience. Even if you do really well, often the only proof you have of your amazing game is an easily forged score card that’s not going to impress anyone. So, why do we do it?... Read More

Posted 9/04/2013 by Tyler Pringle

The boys over at Dude Perfect are back at it again, and this time they're taking their talent to the golf course. Watch their hilarious take on the different types of golfers, and be sure to let us know which type of golfer fits you in the comments... Read More

Posted 8/20/2013 by Phil Oscarson

For a sport that doesn’t even force its players to walk or carry their own equipment, some aspects of golf can be severely annoying. Here are 15 of the most irritating experiences that every golfer loves to hate.

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Posted 7/08/2013 by Phil Oscarson

Golf has often been called a gentleman’s game. What with the collared shirts, the personal servants (caddies) and the general “let’s keep everything quiet and civilized” air about the sport, it’s just hard to imagine anything associated with it getting overly rowdy. Yet, amid the polite clapping... Read More

Posted 6/10/2013 by Phil Oscarson

Golfers are not known for dramatic celebrations, but every once in awhile, we witness a celebration that really sticks in the mind.


Because golfers don’t celebrate every putt like a winning touchdown, the most dramatic celebrations often come in the biggest tournaments, when... Read More

Posted 6/03/2013 by Phil Oscarson

Can’t get enough of Golf?  With these apps, you’ll always have golf with you and you’ll always be in the know.... Read More

Posted 5/29/2013 by Phil Oscarson

It’s happened to all of us.  You find yourself out on the course for a round of golf with the boys, when your friend busts out his crazy swing.  The funny thing is, that’s his normal swing, too.  That’s the first of many times that you’ll have to look at his unbelievable hack, and... Read More

Posted 4/18/2013 by Tyler Pringle

These ain't your grandfather's balls. Advances in modern technologies have enhanced the playability and forgiveness of the golf ball, allowing it to travel further and straighter while cutting through the wind like a samurai sword and biting on the green like a rattlesnake.


... Read More

Posted 4/12/2013 by Tyler Pringle

The American Golf blog created a great infographic highlighting some of the best Masters history and stats.


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Posted 4/12/2013 by Tyler Pringle

Golf can be an expensive game. Avid golfers spend a fortune playing, practicing and improving at the sport they love. A golf vacation can cost thousands of... Read More

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