Clay Hood -


Is the Co-Founder of Perfect Pitch Golf and a PGA Professional

With a background in golf instruction he now helps golfers through the development of golf training aids and instruction content.

He can be reached at or on Twitter @Clay_Hood

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So you want to play better golf. We all do but despite the practice and hard work it doesn’t seem to work that easy. What gives?

The problem most golfers have is they don’t know how to improve. This has nothing to do with the mechanics of the golf swing. It has to with... Read More


How many times do you have a 3 foot putt and pick it up or knock it away from the hole? Be honest, it’s probably often. Then when your buddies make you putt one because it’s worth a few bucks it probably doesn’t go so well.

The reality is that you’re not as good at 3 footers... Read More


One of the great things about golf is that we have no control over the environment and it’s never the same. Other sports are played pretty much on the same field or court from place to place.


The wind is one of these factors we have to pay attention to every... Read More


Everyone has those shots where they know it’s just not going to well. For many golfers the fairway bunker shot fits this description.


The fairway bunker provides the ultimate test of your ball striking skills. There is no forgiveness. Hit slightly behind the... Read More


There aren’t too many shots in golf that get even the best players a little nervous. Maybe the long bunker shot. Maybe the island green 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. But the chip shot off of tight grass is one that falls in that category. It doesn’t seem like it should be that... Read More


You want to improve your golf game right? You’re not alone. Most golfers want to improve their games. The question is how do you do improve your golf game without spending hours each day at the range and $1000’s on golf lessons?


The answer is: break the game... Read More


As golfers we are always in search of the newest, shiniest, and best new stuff. This goes for golf clubs, golf courses, and unfortunately for many golfers, swing thoughts.


We’re just starting to see what technology can do for the golf swing. There are many new... Read More


It’s always cool to hit a wedge shot and see it check up on the green. There’s just something about seeing that ball react that peaks our interest. Maybe it comes from watching professional golf and seeing the pro’s do it on a regular basis. It makes us feel like them!

... Read More


Golf is a complicated game. Not only do you need a good swing, you have to account for the elements, topography, grass, and you have to pick the right club. Sounds complicated!


Around the greens can be even trickier from the club selection standpoint. There are... Read More


Does this sound familiar? After 2 good shots on a par 5 you’re close to the green and looking good to make birdie. You then proceed to chunk your next shot and make bogey. So frustrating!


It’s easy to have your golf game undone by poor shots around the green... Read More

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