Event #2: Quota Continued

Event #2: Quota Continued

Event Date(s):Monday Dec 2nd, 2013 5:30 pm
Host:Sean Keller
Contact Email:westchesteragm@americangolf.com
Contact Number:3106499173
Max Attendance:Unlimited


After the success of our first event, we can now use the scores that you posted and createed a quota. If you played in the season opener, you will be eligible for a "most improved over last week prize" as well as the normal most points prize.
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This event is over

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Who Was There

Jessie Hogue
Registered Nov. 20th 11:52 AM
Donna Potter
Registered Nov. 27th 10:42 AM
Daniel Martin
Registered Nov. 27th 4:15 PM
Erika Scoby
Registered Dec. 1st 11:34 AM
Cliff Webb
Registered Dec. 1st 3:17 PM
Cheyne Scoby
Registered Dec. 2nd 1:11 PM

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