Junior Academy Monday-Thursday

Junior Academy Monday-Thursday

Junior Academy Monday-Thursday
Event Date(s):Monday Jan 16th, 2017 4:30 pm
Course:Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course
Address:One Ethel Coplen Way Irvine, CA 92612
Max Attendance:15


RSJ Junior Academy offers a fun supportive environment for your child to learn the great game of golf for $99.99 per child (6-14) a month. Junior's academy students receive the follow benefits: 1:6 ratio instructor to student. Monday - Thursday 90 min instructions, Saturday 3 hrs Instruction.
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Who Was There

William Chen
Registered Jan. 4th 2:13 PM
Charles Chen
Registered Jan. 4th 2:18 PM
Chiana Le
Registered Jan. 4th 11:32 PM
Sofia Xu
Registered Jan. 6th 9:48 PM
Registered Jan. 11th 12:13 PM
Kate Roh
Registered Jan. 14th 9:12 AM
James Roh
Registered Jan. 14th 9:14 AM
Kelan Breen
Registered Jan. 16th 8:21 AM
Murali Padaparambil
Registered Jan. 16th 10:34 AM
Hyejin Park
Registered Jan. 16th 11:29 AM

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