Player's Club Full Swing (Driver) Clinic 1/2 hour


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Player's Club Full Swing (Driver) Clinic 1/2 hour

Player's Club Full Swing (Driver) Clinic 1/2 hour
Event Date(s):Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 12:00 pm
Course:Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course
Address:One Ethel Coplen Way Irvine, CA 92612
Host:Kevin Won
Contact Number:949-786-4732
Max Attendance:8


Gain an understanding of how Full Swing (Driver) can improve your score with Director of Instruction Kevin Won. To go on the waiting list call the Learning Center Directly at 949-786-4732
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Thanks to everyone who participated!

Who Was There

Doug Greenman
Registered May. 15th 3:35 PM
carl Robinson
Registered May. 15th 3:37 PM
Rolando Santos
Registered May. 15th 8:39 PM
Wing Leung Jacky To
Registered May. 16th 11:37 PM
Hon Ying Man
Registered May. 16th 11:43 PM
Clive Berkman
Registered May. 22nd 10:52 AM
Colm Croghan
Registered May. 23rd 8:43 AM
Sanghoon Lee
Registered May. 30th 3:12 PM

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