Take a break from your day and check out various golf videos we've gathered from the day - some instructional, some plain funny.


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Making of the video, Golf Boys!  These guys are hysterical!

Charlie King covers three key grip fundamentals that will help you hit straighter and longer golf shots.

GolfChannel.com's Brad Brewer tells you why the putter is your best bet when in the short rough around the green.

Dana Rader shares a drill to help you pivot properly through impact for crisp contact on pitch shots.

Six-time PGA Tour winner Rocco Mediate has a drill to help you properly transfer your weight and rotate your body towards the target through the swing. Rocco joins joins Arnold Palmer Jack Nicklaus Gary Player Hank Haney and Greg Norman

Michael Breed explains how to take the spin off a ball that creates a slice.

LPGA Player Brittany Lincicome gives you a tip on how to hit a lob wedge.

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