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The High Heeled Golfer who Shows Female Executives How to Make More Green on the Greens


Jenn Harris is on a mission to get more female executives to win respect, rewards, and sales through the game of golf. Although her company, High Heel Golfer, was only founded in late 2012, she has already mentored over 212 women across corporate America.In addition to being an in-demand keynote speaker on business golf, Jenn shares how to make “more green on the greens” through her blog, bimonthly contributions to, webinars, seminars, and private corporate training. Her unique approach was also featured in the BBC, The San Diego Union Tribune, the Daily Worth and dozens of local media.

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We make mistakes in business, and we have bad golf holes. And, it is how we overcome this adversity that makes us better business men and women.

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A common apprehension among women is not knowing what to wear on the golf course. Unlike their male counterparts, women’s golf clothes do not mirror business casual attire. Therefore, a woman must know what golfing attire consists of and where to find it before heading onto the... Read More


In life and business we need to be prepared to succeed. We don’t go into a presentation without practicing or a meeting without brushing up on talking points, so why would we go out onto the golf course without that same preparation? We wouldn’t, and that is why I prepared these 5... Read More

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